I did that design first, stop stealing my ideas!!!

Are there such things as original ideas in event design?

These past couple of weeks, I've noticed several business on both Instagram and Facebook crying foul.  They were claiming that pictures of their work were been used by another company and passing as theirs.  One company stated that the thieving company even went as far as hiding their watercolor mark with a creative one of their own.  This raised several questions, first why would you want to steal someone else work and pass it on as yours, when you may not be able to duplicate the work?  How are you suppose to show off your work, if you are worrying about someone else stealing it?  Anybody out there having this issue? Let's explore how we can safeguard our work.

I personally think this is a weak move to steal but we have to be careful before we start throwing the stealing word around.  For example, on Pinterest we all repin cool pictures, designs, ideas, etc...so are we stealing them.  Well, I would say no because Pinterest is design that way and no one (I hope) is not using those repin pictures on their personal business website.  What about those repost Facebook pictures?  Technology has its advantages and disadvantages, that's for sure.  So I guess post at your own risk, is my disclaimer to you.  So what can you do to protect yourself, well I surf around to see, and all I can come up with is nothing is 100% guarantee to work and that technology-savvy individuals can find a way around them, but you can try this in the meanwhile:
  1. Well, you can NOT post anything, but where is the fun in that of showing off your hard work,
  2. Put a few pics online but create a print portfolio that could use to share with clients,
  3. Watermark your images, but there's way around that too,
  4. Disabling right click via JavaScript is a way to start protecting images, during this also disable control print, control save or any function you would use directly. Not really my favorite thing to do,
  5. Using third party companies software to protect your images (Artist ScopeCopySafeDigiMarc MyPictureMarc
  6. Register your copyright photos with the U.S. Copyright Office. That way you can legally protect your work.
These are pretty much what I see and there may be more out there, so if you find anything else, please let us know. In the meanwhile be wise with your work and I hope no one ever have to deal with this type of issue and we can all live happily ever after.

With Love!

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