DIY Invitation in a Bottle

Guess what day it is? Do It Yourself Wednesday!!!

I wanted to share this really super easy and cute DIY Invitation in a bottle. Perfect for a beach theme wedding or even Jake and The Neverlands Pirates theme birthday for your little pirate's birthday. In this project, I will also show you an easy way to dye your paper to give it that "old" look. 

This project is fun to do and it's different from the usual flat card invitations. You can scent your invitation with lavender or a different scent. That will a great touch for when the bottle is open. 

This is a great way to tie your invitations to your theme and kind of give your guest a preview of what to expect. I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial!
Here is what you will need:
  • Glass milk bottle
  • Beach rock 
  • sand 
  • Paper invitation (I used this printable menu that happened to have lying around)
  • Seashells
  • Yarn thread
  • Tea bag 
  • Bowl
  • Microwave



In a hot cup of water let your tea bag soak (another word, make tea - sorry I'm a coffee drinker myself). Any cheap bags of tea will work. In a large bowl, place your invitation, and pour the ready tea over it. Make sure your bowl is large enough that the invitation fits mostly flat.  (My paper measured 5x7 and I rolled it to bottom). You do not need to completely submerged your invitation with the tea as the paper will soak it in naturally. Let it soak for 5 minutes. 

When you see the change of color in the paper, carefully remove it and placed it the paper in the microwave for about a minute and half to dry up the tea. Please pay attention to the paper as you don't want it to burn or get to dry, which will make the invitation brittle and hard to roll up.

Roll the invitation and tie with the yarn string. A great idea is to get either a dark string or neutral color. but in a case where you want to add a spark of color this part will be a great way to add a color string to match any colors of your event.


I got my glass bottle from Michaels store but there plenty of places online that you can purchase them from. You can even decide between glass and plastic or even color. Add the sand in your bottle (don't add too much sand, remember your invitation have to sit on top of the sand in the bottle).  Add some small rocks or seashells, again use a little. Insert your invitation and place the top back on and VOILA!
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Again, the bottles can be purchases from Michaels or check out this website below, which they carry different sizes. 

You can dress up your bottle with a single seashell tie to the top or a blue bracelet like the one below as an added touch. You can also use burlap fabric around the bottle but I like to keep things simple and I really want the focus to be on the invitation inside the bottle. The bracelet can be a great little gift also.


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To mail the bottles stop by your local UPS store or FedEx for the boxes. Below is a link to Uline that sells wine boxes that will work just as well

When packing your bottles add green or blue paper shreds to protect your bottles and to again to add something extra.

Thank you everyone and don't forget to follow us for more DIY projects that we can all do. If you have any questions and/or comments or wish to be a guest blogger, please contact me at

With love,

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