2017 Year of The #LEVELUP

Happy New Year!

I hoped everyone had a safe and happy New Year's celebration. Before you sit down to those often neglected New Year's resolutions, let's take a quick moment to thank the Heavens for allowing us to be here. I know families, including mine who have suffered losses and setbacks. Let's take the time to celebrate the small victories in 2016.  And don't forget to cut yourself some slack on whatever you think you should have done or get. The great thing about a new year, is a chance for you to start fresh. So before you open all those emails, read all those blogs, click all those articles that tells you "10 things to do to make your new year great! and yes, I've clicked a few myself.

So word of advice:

Or wine!

Nevertheless, I do want you to think about this year and all that you want or dreamt of, not your just in your professional life but also your personal life and use the vibrancy of this time of year to catapult into YOUR authentic life.

I personally love vision boards. It's a great visual way to display your goals and plans. Simple to create, buy a poster board from your local dollar store and clip pictures, words and phrases to add to your board.

2017 WILL BE YOUR YEAR! (claim it)
  • Stop doubting yourself
  • Grow your faith stronger
  • Step your game
  • Stop making excuses and JUST GO FOR IT.
If you're on Pinterest, you can create a secret vision board and just PIN your vision. But remember to look at it at least once a week. It's easy to forget it's there in this busy world.

It's time to make those changes that you've talked, thought and dreamt about. In the words of an avid gamer, LEVEL UP! I challenge you to go deeper and dream bigger.

2016, you started your company. You invested your time into a new hobby. Maybe you started a new relationship or just learn to appreciate your own company. Now it's time to LEVEL UP and take those things to the next level.



I quietly decided that this year, 2017, that I'm going to just go for it. I am going to take control of my health, finances and build a stronger better me. I stepped away from this blog and thought hard about what I wanted to share with you guys and how. As many knows, I also planned events along with full time paralegal career and not to mention mother to an active six year old.

I wanted to come back refresh and ready to share more events, party ideas, crafts, DIYs and designs with you. This year I plan to focus more on my blog and some personal goals that I made. Trust me when the time comes, I will share some of those with you (good news is better shared as a surprise).

So go ahead and set some REALISTIC goals and bust your ass and get them done! LEVEL UP!

Now, they have people who can guide you in details but get clear on what you want.

Do you accept this challenge?

  1. Write it down
  2. Separate your wants from your needs. That will make it easier for your to see your next move
  3. Set up a plan. How are you going to get from A to B?
  4. Decide and get clear on your exit plan. I found it easy to not quit if I already named my deal breaker. A bad day is NEVER a deal breaker. Financial breakdowns can be.
  5. Live in the PRESENT. Choose a day to just BE and relax
  6. Ask for HELP
Share this post, save it, do whatever you have to do to keep up with us.

I'm also looking for guest bloggers. If you have an interesting relevant post or article, email me at eventsojudith@gmail.com.

Let's take this year by the horn and LEVEL UP! You can do it.

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