Who am I?

The "about me" is simple. I am a mother who love dinner parties, blogging, designing parties and home decorating. My concept and ideas are designed with the everyday woman in mind. The busy moms, the CEOs, the coordinators, the stylists, the bride-to-be, the mommy-to-be, the housewife, or the avid hostess. 

I have a great little prince who keeps me on toes, my silent partner in business. I get asked all the time which I like more, blogging or designing wedding & events? My answer is simple, I am a "cocktail of a woman." Another word I love it ALL.  I believe in sharing what I do know and helping others create exciting events for their family and friends.

Take a peek at some of the work I've done so far:
Just to name a few of my favorites. There's so much more this blog have to offer and the best way to find that out is to poke around. I promise there will be something there for you. So yes follow my page, subscribe to this blog, leave me a comment, or simply email me with your great ideas. It may just show up as a featured readers' post.

I do welcome collabos but please remember it have to go with the theme of this blog, just like this one I did with Bethany Kandel at Huggies.com,
I have so much more plan in the future. Along with more of DIY, events I've worked on, and recipes, I plan on adding a small small online shop to help with your party needs. You can find on Instagram, Google Plus, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

Here some quick bullet points so if we ever meet, we'll have somethings to talk about:
  • I'm from Haiti 
  • Survived over 10 years of winter in Connecticut
  • Law & Order should be on EVERY day
  • So should Scandal, Castle, SVU, Power, Blacklist (okay I watch a lot of TV too)
  • Favorite Quote: Persistence prevails when all else fails
  • I could watch National Geographic for hours (especially during Shark Week)
  • BIG Marvel & DC Comics girl (the nerd in me)
  • Some DIY are better off ordering (I'm too honest)
  • God & Family 
  • Life is NOTHING like TV
  • I appreciate silence (my sister thinks I'm weird for turning off the radio in the car at times)
  • I have way too much receipts from Homegoods & Michaels 
  • I hope to one day open a women center (I have all details in my head)
  • I love sequin table covers
  • My current ringtone, Larose - Mandela (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uf2tHMkTf7U)
  • I'm a 90s girl (when things made sense, #OldSchool
I love to hear from my readers, drop me a note or share your journey with me. I am so inspired by the many women who everyday without fail, get up and make things happen without so much as a sigh. We're all BAD-ASSES! What we lack for in physical strength, we more than made up for in inner strength and beauty. 

What separates us are zip codes and waters. #GirlPower

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Welcome! First thank you for taking the time to stop by my little corner of this world. This page is dedicated to DIYers, the hostess, the Budget Brides, offbeat brides, mommys, and everyone who loves to entertain their family and friends. You can expect to find great articles from industry professionals, as well as my own designs and stories. If you have a question or even a suggestion, do not hesitate to email me. I love hearing from my followers. Don't forget to share this blog around.


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